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Health and Wellness Industry

Staywell Coaching
New business launch, video integrated, hosting company required.

Staywell Coaching


"It was a delight to work with Annie who was masterful in helping me create my web site. She knew how to guide me step by step on how to approach this this important project. She was there when I needed her for helpful advice and ideas. Thank you Annie for your skill and patience! "
Debra Duxbury, M.S.
Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Corporate Security Industry

TSD Security Consulting Group
Web site redesign, incorporate their video assets, search engine visibility.

TSD Security Consulting


"Clifford Web and Video has done a fine job for our company over the years."

Tanya DeGenova, CCP

Bed and Breakfast Industry

Notorious Annie's Waterfront Inn
Janet Sheehan

Notorious Annies Waterfront Inn

Examples from Various Industries

Certified Public Accountants

Miasserian and Plunkett, CPA
Site redesign

Miasserian and Plunkett, CPA


"In 2012 we were introduced to about 5 new prospective clients who found us through our web site. We are proud to provide them with our CPA services."
David Plunkett

Charitable Trust and Foundation

Cabot Wellington, LLC
Web site redesign and ongoing maintenance.

Cabot Wellington


Author and Online Center for Continuing Learning

The Bumbling Colossus  By Henry F. Field    
Website consulting